Piazza Galeazzo Alessi, 1/7 - 16128 Genova (GE)

Martico Clerici oversaw the logistics of the first Sicilian oranges containers destined, after the recent opening of the market, in China.

Aware that the result of this first trial shipment would have determined the future success of the introduction in this market of these famous products, Martico Clerici relied on Maersk, the largest shipping company in the world, particularly advanced in the management of refrigerated containers".

The goods have been previously subjected to the supplier's warehouse to control the pulp temperature and to the so-called "cold treatment" to ensure the right temperature during the long journey to Shanghai and to comply with the precise standards defined in the reference protocol.

With the use of the latest generation of containers made available by the shipowner and using the RCM system - which allowed us, also thanks to the solid collaboration between Maersk and Martico - to monitor the temperature status in real time throughout the journey to  his final destiny.

We now share the great satisfaction with all those involved for having been able to contribute to the success of our operation, and we thank the exporter who honored us with his confidence.

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